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Handbag workout
No equipment? Accessorize your workout with stuff you already have! Use a handbag and put heavy things in it, like for example packages of rice (I put 4kg -8.8 lbs). Books and dictionaries will also work too, no excuses!  

Here is a suggestion for a glute-targeting circuit:

1- Squat trust & lift
2- Pass-through lunges
3- One-legged bridge on the right leg
4- One-legged bridge on the left leg
5- Squat press
6- Donkey kick right leg
7- Donkey kick left leg
8- Froggy glute lift 
9- Back lunge push-out right leg
10- Back lunge push-out left leg

15 repetitions per exercise, perform circuit 3 times. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the circuit one time. 

NB: this is not a real Louis Vuitton bag, it’s a fake… If I had a real expensive designer bag, you bet I’d not use it as workout equipment! ^_^
Exercise descriptions can be found on my wordpress-blog: www.fitnesstreats.com/2012/05/handbag-workout

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